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Cook and Becker

Nerds love art too


What started at the attic grew out into a successful business. Art prints of known and lesser known games and artists, all the way up to commissioned artwork. It's not just for the nerds amongst us, its for artlovers as well.

With a target audience almost completely restricted to nerds and game fanatics the problem was presented. How to attracts a new target audience to visit the website, without loosing the current customerbase. With 90% of all transactions being made in foreign countries like, Germany, the UK, America and China.

The brand of Cook and Becker is repositioned as a brand that suits the modern art lovers without alienating the 'nerd'. Boldness carries the brand and emphasizes the cheeky roots.

conversion vs branding

chique for the mass

Designed at Fabrique | 2018

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Contemporary overall look and feel.
Bold choices in the use of imagery on detailpages.
Balance between conversion and branding.
Attention for detail.
Fully responsive, of course.