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Updating the online platform of the second biggest brand in the portfolio of Dutch Lottery, after the succes of the bigger sister State Lottery. This time the actual playing of the game would become the sole focus of the site. Ending up with a playfull shopfunnel, an easy way to check your results and a basic content structure.

Research told us that the lotto player wants to actively play the game. Feel in control. Try to influence the outcome. A hands on approach was what they got. We restyled the shop funnel in such a way that the player has all the controls in hand to make sure he can claim his ticket to luck.

Conversion is key in these types of sales funnels. In this specific on we tried to apply as much gamefication as possible to make sure by playing the game the user ends up having a winning streak. By adding micro animations on interactive elements we make the experience feel as tactile as possible, never forgetting that each step takes them closer to the checkout.

Throughout the gamefiction we tried solving as much problems as we could, making sure during all the steps of the games thw questions ad hand are answered by the design and the interaction with it. Setting up the right amout of tickets, playing with your customised nubemers. Making sure you know how often you play and when the draw will take place. And ones it applies, make sure you get the best deal possible.

We ended up with a playfull shop funnel that has over 15% higher conversion rate as before. With adjustments made after the usabillity test we keep making smarter adjustments thanks to the AB test running on the funnel on a weekly base. Making sure our playfull funnel keeps doing a proper job with an eye for what the user want. Play the game.

Designed at Fabrique | 2018

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Intuitive design makes adding tickets easy as pie.
Want to play with your date of birth? Simply set it.
Not just a simple multiplier.
Checking the results becomes more fun.
Fully responsive, of course.