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Museum Catharijne Convent

Christianity without prejudice


Christian art is boring! That amongst others is a prejudice the renewed identity for Catharijne Convent will keep tearing down. Bringing appreciation for Christian art back to the 21th century.

As humanity, a projects needs evolving too. This second step in the journey of this client we updated the identity from two years ago. Updating the look and feel making sure it keeps fitting this growing museum.

With the popularity of this museum growing the demand of the brand changes as well. Two years ago we redesignd the complete identity of the museum, positioning it as a modern museum of christian art. Tearing down all predjudice. Now it is time to show that the museum grew up as well, making sure the website and the brand can manage the change and 'roll with the big boys'.

For the visual redesign we evaluated the needs of the museum itself as well as the perception of the brand by the customer. How? we started asking the museum visitor. Combining these findings in an update of the style that creates a more layered design. Opening up the brand with a design that has the possibilities needed for the museum, and its visitors. What remained was the boldness and simplicity. What we added is layering a more playfull character by changing rules in typography and adding a more subtile line style to accompany the bold color and blocks from before. Finally we got rid of the bounded and restricted feel of the style by quite littarally breaking out of the boundries that were set two years ago.

In the website the changes mainly focus on re-evaluating the existing pages. Looking into the analytics and seeing what the user is up to. Where do they want to go, what are they looking for and where do they end up. This and talking to museum visitors about there journeys was why we made changes to the sitemap, restructured and rearranged information. Creating an easy to use 'What's on' section with a fitting calendar functionality. Making sure the exhibition pages give all information needed and more. And finally making choises in adding focus by separating the archive from the main website. Ending up with a smaller but better aimed museum website.

Designed at Fabrique | 2018

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Clear focus with a new site structure.
Breaking out of rules set in the past.
Easy accessible exhibiton and event calendar.
Focussing on the information wanted by the museum visitor.
Fully responsive, of course.