Preserving our cultural heritage

Museum Vereeninging - Fabrique 2020

Preparing for the electrical age

Polestar - code d'azur 2022

The Mona Lisa smile of the middle east

Louvre Abu Dhabi - Fabrique 2020

A contribution to the elections 2021

GroenLinks - Fabrique 2021

Instore playground around the globe

IKEA - Fabrique 2020

Some men are rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy life

Cook & Becker - Fabrique 2019

Taking back controle of your room

IKEA - Fabrique 2020

Christianity without prejudice

Museum Catharijneconvent - Fabrique 2016

Immersive gallery and hidden rail ride

The Postal Museum London - Fabrique 2017

Seven brands under a single umbrella

Dutch Lottery - Fabrique 2019

A catwalk for innovation

TEDxDelft - Fabrique 2012

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