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Museum Catharijne Convent

Christian art is boring!


That amongst others is a prejudice the new identity for Catharijne Convent will tear down. Bringing Christian art back to the 21th century.

At the base of this rebranding project lies the question, how to counter the prejudice towards a museum that has Christianity drenched in it name. Staying close to the roots of the museum was important to us, the way it is perceived however is something we wanted to change. Transforming it from a former convent with religieus art, to a modern museum with permanent collections about our heritage. And with its temporary collections feeding questions about religion and its meaning in current society. Crossing the boundries of a single religion.

Iconic imagery can speak for itself when given the propper stage. Saying to much is easy, saying little is hard and can often be saying enough. These were the main ingredients for this new identity. Not over explaining what the visitor is looking at, not over sharing details.

Creating two layers in the identity gave us the opportunity to still maintain the iconic imagery as visuals. By adding a layer litteraly on top of this heritage layer we gave the museum a stage for short but clear communication.Straight forward, almost non designed communication in a primary color. Claiming space for a recognizable new brand, Museum Catharijne Convent.

Visuals consist either of the art in its purest form, a painting fully visable or a detail when it is an object. Making sure the objects shown are as intriguing as looking at them up close and personal.

Designed at Fabrique | 2016-2017

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