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The Postal museum London

Interactive galleries to an immersive subterranean rail ride

online identity

Quirky designed website for a brand new museum in the hart of London. Bringing this new museum up to par with a mature online presence but still based on a wordpress framework.

A former archive wich grew into being an immersive museum with a kickass attraction, without loosing it's connection to it's herritage. Maintaining it's position as a well known knowledge institute.

This project can be divided in three different phases. Building up to the moment of opening this brand new museum in the summer of 2017.

The first phase was creating an online presence for potential visitors and stakeholders, telling them what to expect in the comming years. Getting them hooked and involved in the project. This small website was to grow out into becoming the beating hart of the museum's online presence. In the second stage the site evolved into the platform it now is. Showcasing the attraction and the different parts of the museum. But also catering to the need of publishing articles and sharing the knowledge of the archive behind it.

Finally it is set up in such a way that an online shop and ticketing funnel could be integrated in the webiste effortlessly. Making this website into the mature platform it is today.

Designed at Fabrique | 2016

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Large imagery for references and engagement.
Quirky alignment with references to postal heritage.
Interactive elements for a playful interaction.
Clear and focussed navigation guiding both visitors and researchers.
Fully responsive, of course.